Citizens Advisory Committee

Joshua Basin Water District Citizens Advisory Committee

The Board of Directors established the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) in May 2005, initially as a temporary “blue ribbon” committee, and later as a permanent body.  The Committee advises the Board on the most important policy issues to be sure that the needs of working and retired residential customers, local businesses, and other stakeholders are considered when the Board adopts new policies.  Intended to be broad-based, the committee can include as many as 15 representatives, and the JBWD General Manager oversees the committee meetings.

The CAC has been instrumental in advising the Board on issues such as:

  • Importing water from Northern California
  • Adopting an Urban Water Management Plan
  • Drafting a desert-friendly landscape strategy for new development •Implementing a sound financial plan
  • Establishing water conservation programs
  • Establishing water education programs Establishing water quality and waste water strategies The CAC has been invaluable beyond initial expectations.  It has proven to be an excellent “sounding board” of the Community, facilitating two-way communication between the District and other community interests.

The Public is encouraged to attend the Citizens Advisory Committee meetings.  Meetings are held at the District offices, every other month on the second Tuesday at 7PM.  Call the District at 760-366-8438 if you would like to be notified of upcoming meetings.

Click on the link  for the guidelines or for an application  to join this community leadership committee!

CAC App Process and Guidelines for Membership (PDF)
CAC Application (PDF)