Management and Staff

Did you know?

  • JBWD’s General Manager is Curt Sauer.  Our Assistant General Manager is Susan Greer.  Either may be contacted by calling our Customer Service desk at 760.366.8438, or by Email, at
  • Our Water District employees are officially identified with Joshua Basin Water District name badge identification when on duty for the Water District. Residents are encouraged to request to see proof of an individual’s identification if they are representing the Joshua Basin Water District. Feel free to contact the District Office for verification, as well.
  • While each staff member is specifically trained for their field of expertise, our employees cross-train to support other department’s functions when needed, minimizing the overload of excess personnel.
  • Staff members are dedicated to continuing education, maintaining current certifications and routinely taking courses, promoting them to higher levels of expertise in their field.
  • Consultants are used for specialty areas, reducing staff overhead expenses.