Desert Gardening

Desert gardening is as challenging as it is rewarding.  And, just like the early homesteaders learned, desert residents still battle the extremes:  heat, cold, wind, poor soil, and minimal rain fall (or torrential rainfall!)   Not to be forgotten, you also have to deal with the “critters” who take joy partaking in everything you plant!  From rabbits, to coyotes, mice, squirrels, birds–even the desert iguanas–your garden serves as a literal food buffet for them.

Before you spend time, energy, money, and water on growing food or growing  your dream landscape, we encourage you to research the pros and cons related to gardening in the desert.  Our site can start you on your way to quickly learning what many have had to learn the hard way–battling the elements!

Here are just a few links to explore:

Demonstration Garden:

Wild Crafting 

Family Food Gardens (pending)