Landscape Irrigation Designs

 Installation Procedures and Maintenance Tips

Our Landscape Installation Procedures can help you to avoid costly mistakes.  It all starts with the grading–try to protect and use water thrifty native plants that are already on your property and you’ll reduce the installation and irrigation costs.  Irrigate manually, or install a drip irrigation system using ourIrrigation Installation Procedures-2

Water Smart Landscaping Tips

  • Avoid evaporation. Schedule irrigation timers to water during evening and early morning hours.
  • Adjust the irrigation schedule throughout the year as plant water
    requirements change.  See the Joshua Tree Irrigation Guide below
    for more information. Click here: Irrigation Guide 06/2013 to view JBWD’s Irrigation Guide.
  • Install a drip irrigation system to eliminate overspray, runoff, and evaporation.
  • Convert spray sprinklers to water-efficient rotary sprinklers by installing MP Rotator nozzles.
  • Consider replacing grass and non-native plant species with Morongo
    Basin natives that can survive with little or no water after they’re
    established.  Find local sources of natives and Desert Friendly
    plants under the SummerTree link,
  • Train your plants.  Water deeply and infrequently and the roots will follow!
  • Graywater irrigation systems are legal in the County of San
    Bernardino and should be considered as a method of conservation. For
    more information see our linked report .