Water Education Day

“WATER EDUCATION DAY” encompasses a non-exhaustive line up of educational exhibits on water:  because Water IS Everything!  What would we do without it?

The highlight of this annual event is the spring “Minerva Hoyt” plant sale of locally harvested seeds  grown into native seedlings.  This event represents a special pilot program that is poised to go national, based on the culmination of a 5-year history of success.  The program began in 2014, with he purpose to 1) encourage low-water use native plant landscaping and, 2) mitigate invasive plants (non-natives) from finding their way into the Joshua Tree National Park flora.  As more residents create landscapes from native plants, it is hoped (over time) the less likely seeds from “non-desert” plants will take hold in the National Park.

Many exhibits return annually, but each year we look forward to new ones, as well.  Provided free to our community, entities, organizations and businesses come together to teach on the ever growing importance of our water!

For information on becoming an exhibitor, contact kjradnich@jbwd.com, or call the District Office at 760.821.5716,  and ask for Public Information and Outreach.

Photo Captions
(1) The Morongo Basin Historic Society displays 50 years+ of Joshua Basin area water; (2)  Joshua Tree National Park Desert Institute’s Botanist exhibits invasive plants, (shown: Sahara Mustard);  (3) Water used for fire fighting:  learning about defensible space and the triaging of properties deemed savable.