Wild Crafting

What Is “Wild Crafting?”

Wild Crafting is the art of identifying, collecting, cleaning, and then propagating native botanical seeds.  While nature has the process down pat, desert gardeners are offered the training annually to learn the tricks–because growing native plants can be tricky!

Did you know that transplanting most native plants usually ends up “unhappily ever after?”  Native plants naturally pick their “sweet spot” to grow and thrive.  They don’t want to be moved.  That is why growing native plant seeds, first in a container, and then transplanting them, affords a higher success rate.

The program begins with a classroom overview, followed by a field excursion, then a classroom seed cleaning exercise combined with tips on a variety of propagation tips and shortcuts, ending in a final field trip to the Joshua Tree National Park  (JTNP) Nursery.

Seeds collected during these seminars are forwarded to the JTNP Nursery and grown for the Annual Minerva Hoyt Native Plant Sale held each year during Water Education Day at the Joshua Basin Water District.  This event is family friendly and FREE!

NOTE:  The 2019 Water Education Day is slated for Sunday, March 31, 1PM-4PM.

The Spring Wild Crafting Event is open to the public, although class size is limited, and requires participants to RSVP.  Classes are slated for summer harvests and spring, with seed availability determining the course dates.