In the Event of a Current Major Disaster Click Here

Major Disasters

In a major disaster (earthquakes, fires, etc.) water is a  critical commodity and tap water service can become  interrupted briefly, or for days!  We cannot stop a major  disaster, but we can prepare for it!

Our Water District maintains almost 300 miles of pipe and  15 reservoirs during non-emergencies.  Obviously, in a disaster, time and supplies will determine how quickly the entire system can be functional again.  Residents are encouraged to prepare for a water emergency at home and to report any known damage as soon as possible to the Water District.

Your personal preparation, help, and patience will be  greatly appreciated in the event of a major disaster!

“How to Purify Water”

In the event of a “water emergency,” where the flow of tap water is interrupted, you may be instructed to take special precautions and purify the tap water before drinking or cooking with it.  Click here to learn how to do this! – Water For Emergencies

Reporting a leak

JBWD is On Call for water emergencies! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year!  CALL:  760.366.8438

 If you call after normal District Office hours, the emergency receptionist will connect you with a Water District Representative within a few minutes where the following information will be asked of you:

  1. Is the leak BEFORE or AFTER the water meter?
  2. If it is after the meter (to your home) is it inside or outside?
  3. Your name and call back phone number
  4. Location and Cross streets
  5. How bad is it?  (Damp area only, trickling, bubbling, flowing or gushing’ (see below photo)



This water leak “example” was a leak that occurred from a break in the water line BEFORE a residential meter, and while hard to see in this picture, was already “bubbling” out from the crack in the street.