As temperatures begin to drop toward freezing here in the desert, it’s time to get ready for winter.   Because of our extreme temperatures, homeowners and tenants alike are at risk of the damage and expense caused by frozen/broken pipes.  The following precautions can help to reduce your risk:


Disconnect and Drain all Outdoor Hoses-Detaching hoses  from outdoor faucets allows water to drain from the hose

                        Insulate Pipes or Faucets in Unheated Areas-If you have pipelines  in an unheated  garage or cold crawl space under the house, wrap the water pipes before temperatures  plummet. Do the  same with any outdoor spigots or faucets.

Find the Customer Shutoff ValveIn case of a leak, everyone in the family needs to know where it is and what it does.  It is located in your meter box on the District meter, and is a handle that turns from side to side.


Is your home vacant? Turn off your water!


If you are going to be away from your desert home for more than a day or two in the winter, the water should be turned off at the meter.   Before vacating your home, turn off your water at the District meter by using the Customer Shutoff Valve. 

Once your water is turned off, open and drain ALL household and irrigation lines.  Any trapped water can freeze, causing pipes to expand and break.  Once all the lines  have been drained it is important to close all houselhold and irrigation lines again before leaving your home.


Please remember, all water that passes through the meter is the homeowner’s responsibility, even water lost due to frozen/broken pipes.




Please feel free to contact our office at (760) 366-8438 with any questions regarding winterizing tips.