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2017 WATER EDUCATION DAY IS SET FOR MARCH 26, SUNDAY.jbwd-water-education-day-flyer-2016-copyWant to learn more about using water wisely? Then come join us each spring (late March early April), at the Joshua Basin Water District for our, “WATER EDUCATION DAY EVENT.” Open to the public and FREE, with great exhibits for all, this is a great family event, for sure! So, mark your calendars and click on the link below for more great information!
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  • The End of Abundance: Economic Solutions to Water Scarcity by David Zetland
    A fresh approach to water scarcity with examples, insights and ideas for anyone interested in management of our most precious resource.
  • Introduction to Water in California by David Carle (California Natural History Guides)
    A well-illustrated, easy to read guide to California’s water that should be in every home.
  • Cadillac Desert: The American West and its Disappearing Water by Marc Reisner
    A classic beautifully written western water history.
  • Taking on Water by Wendy J. Pavich
    A water expert tells of her personal quest to reduce her water footprint. Both humorous and serious.
  • Blue Revolution: Unmaking America’s Water Crisis by Cynthia Barnett
    A stab at the heart of water waste, and introduction of a new water ethic.