Save Water Outdoors

Outdoor Watering:

You can save water by adjusting landscape watering schedules in response to seasonal changes.

            Smart controller water savings:

By using evapotranspiration data, you can adjust your irrigation schedule monthly to apply only the amount of water needed by plants.

We use evapotranspiration data from our Joshua Tree CIMIS station to provide seasonal irrigation adjustments to our customers. (See CIMIS below) We take the hottest month of the year, representing the highest water requirement for your landscape and provide an index as to the percentage reduction that you should apply for any given month. Many newer controllers have a seasonal adjustment dial that makes this easy.

                                                                       Graph with percentage of reduction:
                                                                CIMIS_JT Seasonal Adjustment Graph
This information is provided monthly using a 4  year historical average. Extra measures should be taken to account for current weather variations.
Evapotranspiration (ET) is the sum of evaporation and plat transpiration from the Earth’s surface to the atmosphere.  Evaporation accounts for the movement of water to the air from sources such as the soil, canopy interception, and waterbodies.


CIMIS_JT station 233

The California Irrigation Management Information System, or CIMIS, is a network of 140 automated weather stations statewide that provide data that can be used to regulate landscape and agricultural watering systems. The Joshua Tree station came on line in December 2011 and generates information that lets you use your existing irrigation controller to schedule irrigation using the same information used by smart controllers.

Our CIMIS station records real-time temperature, precipitation, humidity, solar radiation, soil temperature, and wind conditions on the ground. The purpose of this program is to reduce landscape water waste with the added bonus of providing educational data for schools and research institutions, air resource monitoring, and more. Anyone can access the information via the internet by signing up for a free account at Go to the data tab and select station #233 for daily, weekly, or monthly reports and even have them delivered to your email address!


Smart Irrigation Controllers/ET Controllers: ET controllers are irrigation controllers which use weather based information to adjustment irrigation automatically throughout the year. These adjusting methods include use of historical ET, on-site sensors, or subscription services to track ET.

Our JBWD Demonstration Garden: The silver box to the left of the gate as you enter the gardens houses a smart controller, also known as an ET controller. ET stands for Evapotranspiration Rate, which is the amount of water used by plants and evaporated from the soil and leaf surface. Smart controllers make irrigation systems truly automatic by replacing the water used by plants each day depending on temperature, humidity, sunlight, and wind.

Our controller uses local ET data and an on-site weather sensor to apply only the water needed by the plants which are divided into hydrozones. If you haven’t mixed thirsty plants with your drought tolerant plants, this might be the way to eliminate the headache of changing the irrigation schedule throughout the year.

click on this link to visit the Joshua Tree Water Wise Demonstration Garden: