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UPDATE (AS OF 10/2017) 3610025_CR6_Compliance-plan

Hexavalent Chromium-6 is a natural element that existed in the groundwater long before people came to live in Joshua Tree. Throughout the United States, the Federal Government allows 100 parts per billion of “Total Chromium”* to exist in the public water source before any treatment must occur. Joshua Basin Water District is in compliance with the Federal Standards.

Until very recently California’s safe drinking water standard for Total Chromium was 50 parts per billion for a public water source. Joshua Basin Water District met that compliance standard.

In 2015, the legislature reconsidered the State standard and established a new law permitting only 10 parts per billion of Chromium-6. The water in Joshua Basin Water District’s aquifer does not meet this new standard.

The State recognizes the magnitude of this unfunded mandate, and to date, has given Water Districts and Water Agencies throughout California until the year 2020 to meet this new standard. To learn more about the new State mandate, and what Joshua Basin Water District is doing to comply with these new standards, read more from the documents listed below.

*”Total Chromium” is comprised of several forms of chromium:  Chromium-3, Chromium-6, and Chromium-0, to name a few.


COMPLIANCE PLAN: Compliance Plan

PUBLIC NOTICE ENGLISH (APRIL 2017): JBWD CR6 Public Notice (2017-03-29) English

PUBLIC NOTICE SPANISH (APRIL 2017): JBWD CR6 Public Notice (2017-03-29) Spanish

PUBLIC NOTICE ENGLISH (OCT 2016): JBWD CR6 Public Notice (2016-10-03) English

PUBLIC NOTICE SPANISH (OCT 2016): JBWD CR6 Public Notice (2016-10-03) Spanish


PUBLIC NOTICE (AUG 2015): JBWD CR6 Public Notice (2015-08-27)

STATE NOTICE:  Chrom-6 Compliance Letter Aug 2015 -2

EXPLANATION OF STATE NOTICE: Chrom 6 Aug 2015 pg 2-2

Potential Impacts of State Regs for Chromium 6-