To help those who needed to clear up the “gray” in graywater, the Joshua Basin Water District held a special public presentation from the California Department of Water Resources—right here in Joshua Tree! This presentation made it very clear what local residents can do on their own, or with permits, in regards to reusing household water (graywater!) We encourage anyone interested in this topic to first learn the “Dos and Don’ts” before investing in an active system!

Before viewing the graywater presentation, please make note of a clarification of information for residents in the county of San Bernardino:
The video presentation ‘Clearing Up the GRAY in Graywater’ includes a description of exemptions from the permitting process for Clothes Washer and/or Single Fixture Systems. The exemption is limited to the clothes washer system. According to San Bernardino County staff, there is no provision allowing multiple drainage systems from different parts of the house to be connected to the clothes washer drainage system without a permit.

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