Protecting our Ground Water


Recently, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed that local septic tanks pose a threat to the safety and quality of Joshua Tree’s water supply. To prevent contamination in the future, new developments are now being required to install their own onsite “package sewage treatment” plants– costs to do this will be borne by customers connecting to the new service. This project is a part of the Board’s long term vision to protect the groundwater.

All water delivered by the District to each customer’s faucet exceeds every water quality standard set by State and Federal drinking water regulations. This water comes directly from two local groundwater basins and is minimally treated. Together, the groundwater basins contain over 600,000 acre-feet of water, or over 195 billion gallons.

Only a portion of the local groundwater can be used for drinking water. The Basins consist of three layers, with the top layer being high quality water ready to go to customers, the lower two layers contain more minerals, are harder to reach and can not be used to supply water to the district.

JBWD diligently seeks to protect its water from potential contaminants. Each month the District conducts nearly 30 water quality tests so that customers can be confident they are receiving safe, high-quality water. You can help protect local groundwater supplies by maintaining your septic tank on a regular basis.


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