Well Information

Residents within the jurisdiction of the Joshua Basin Water District may obtain their own water well at their own expense under certain provisions.  No private water well may be installed without permission from the Joshua Basin Water District through an authorized application process.

In general, the new (proposed) well must be at least one-quarter of a mile away from any existing Joshua Basin Water District well sites.  Data related to the installation of the new (proposed) well must be collected and provided to the Joshua Basin Water District at the owner’s expense as listed on the application form.

In the event of a new (proposed) well site requested within one-quarter of a mile of any existing Joshua Basin water District well sites, an Environment Impact Report (EIR) is required at the owner’s expense.

The Water District, by law, is allowed to place a meter on any private well to monitor volume of use.

These requirements are in place as a protection measure for the sole water source for the community of Joshua Tree.  For more specific information, contact the Joshua Basin Water District.