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District Budgets

Each fiscal year, Joshua Basin Water District Board of Directors approves a Budget to lay out exactly how the District plans to maintain and improve the water system on behalf of our customers.  The District Budget is developed using proven financial planning methodologies and provides a framework for combining District goals, operating plans, and capital infrastructure projects into one comprehensive document. Once approved by the Board, the District continues to closely monitor projects, expenditures, and revenues throughout the year to ensure the integrity and quality of our operation. 

Government Code 53901 states that every local agency, including every special purpose assessing or taxing district, shall file a copy of its annual budget within 60 days after the beginning of its fiscal year. 


FY 24/25 BudgetFY 23/24 BudgetFY 22/23 BudgetFY 21/22 BudgetFY 20/21 Budget
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