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About Us

Joshua Basin Water District was formed as a public agency in 1963 after combining several smaller systems. Today, the District serves more than 5,600 active and inactive connections in a 96-square-mile service area. Since our formation, we have remained dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality drinking water. In order to safely deliver nearly 600 million gallons of high-quality water to customers each year from the groundwater basins,  the district must maintain an extensive system consisting of:

  • Office & Shop Facilities
  • Fleet Vehicles & Heavy Equipment
  • Approximately 300 miles of pipeline
  • 5 Groundwater wells
  • 17 Reservoir tanks (capacity of 12,330,000 gallons)
  • 12 Booster pump stations
  • 12 Pressure-reducing stations
  • 1,426 Fire hydrants
  • Recharge ponds
  • Maintenance of Hi-Desert Medical Center's Waste Water Treatment Facility 

The District is regulated by strict compliance standards set by federal, state, and other regulators and governed by a publicly elected five-member Board of Directors.  The District is divided into Operations, Finance, and Administration and is managed by a General Manager who is appointed by the Board of Directors. 

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