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Mission, Vision,  & Values

Mission Statement 

To provide, protect, and maintain Joshua Tree's water - our vital community resource

Vision Statement 

To achieve excellence in all District endeavors.


The community of Joshua Tree has entrusted the Board of Directors and employees of Joshua Basin Water District with its most valuable natural resource, its groundwater. As stewards of the community water supply, we oversee this critical natural resource to ensure current and future water reliability. Dedicated to this purpose, we embrace these important values:

  • Integrity – To consistently earn our customers’ trust by prioritizing the needs of the community…doing the right thing for the right reason.
  • Transparency – To openly and honestly share information about our operations with the public.
  • Respect – To treat the residents of Joshua Tree, and all those contacted in the course of business, with high esteem and regard.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – To manage all resources as if they were our own, whether revenues, assets, or water supply, in a conscientious and appropriate manner.
  • Accountability – To take responsibility for our decisions and actions in managing this essential resource.
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