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Saddleback Pipeline Project - Completed in 2021

Project Description

Saddleback marked the inaugural project under the District's newly established Capital Improvement Replacement Program (CIRP). Construction commenced on October 16, 2019. However, due to competing priorities—where crews were periodically reassigned for meter replacement—the project faced delays and was ultimately finished on January 13, 2021.

Project Stats

Pipeline Replaced27,100 linear feet of 8 inch C909 installed
Total Cost $117,480

Project Outcome

The project has successfully improved access to safe and clean drinking water for the residents of the Joshua Tree area. Outdated facilities have been replaced, and new services such as meters and ball valves/check valves have been installed for customers. Moreover, the area now benefits from enhanced fire protection measures by upsizing the pipe from 4" to 8," which doubled capacity.

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