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Annual Water Quality Report

The Annual Water Quality Report is also known as Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

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Water Quality 

The District’s water comes directly from aquifers located in Joshua Tree.  A minimum amount of Chlorine (per state law requirements) is added to protect our water. Nothing else is added. For a complete analysis of our water and its contents, take a look at our Annual Water Quality Report. 

Annual Water Quality Report or CCR

The Annual Water Quality Report or CCR explains where your water comes from and what's in it. This report is required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Reports must be published each year by July 1st and contain water information from the preceding calendar year.

Este informe contiene información importante sobre su agua potable. Tener a alguien traducirlo para usted, o hablar con alguien que lo entienda. 

View our Reports

Use the links below to learn about our drinking water quality. You may also email us at to request a hard copy.

2022 CCR - Current Annual Water Quality Report

2021 CCR2020 CCR2018 CCR2017 CCR2016 CCR2015 CCR2014 CCR2013 CCR2012 CCR2011 CCR2010 CCR2009 CCR2008 CCR2007 CCR


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