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W1 / S1 Form Request

May contain: computer, electronics, laptop, pc, computer hardware, computer keyboard, hardware, phone, mobile phone, body part, finger, hand, and person


The District charges actual cost based on time and materials for W1 or S1 form completion. The initial, quoted cost is $342.30. However, upon review, more information may be required of the customer and more time and/or materials may be necessary, increasing actual cost involved.

A cost reconciliation will be completed to determine the final cost. The customer will be billed for any additional actual cost and the signed letter will be provided upon receipt of payment. A refund will be forthcoming if the actual cost is less than quoted/paid.


W1 / S1 Form Request

IMPORTANT: Please allow up to two (2) weeks for processing, due to the high volume of requests. This form will be submitted to Customer Service, who will email you the total amount due and instructions to pay online. Once payment has been made, reply to the Customer Service email with your payment confirmation number. Customer Service will reply with a confirmation that it was received and begin processing your request.
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