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Water Availability Standby Charge Information

Joshua Basin Water District manages water infrastructure to deliver clean drinking water to the community. We extract groundwater, but a recent study showed that our district was using more than what was supplied. As a solution, the District joined the Mojave Water Agency in 1960 for access to State Water Project (SWP) water. The Morongo Basin Pipeline was constructed in 1991 to transport SWP water, and the District signed a contract to bear a portion of its construction and maintenance costs. This obligation was fulfilled in the Fiscal Year 2021/2022. 

Although the final annual debt service payment paid in Fiscal Year 2021/2022, costs associated with the purchase of supplemental recharge water, obtained through the Morongo Basin Pipeline, will substantially exceed the original annual debt service payment moving forward. Standby Charge revenues over that amount will be used exclusively for capital costs and operation and maintenance of the District's water facilities benefiting the properties from which the Standby Charge is collected.

Standby Charge revenues are dedicated to the lawful purposes of (a) meeting the District's expenses of maintaining and operating permanent public improvements constituting the water system, (b) purchasing or leasing supplies, equipment, or material necessary for the operation of the District's water system, (c) meeting debt repayment obligations and financial reserve requirements, and (d) obtaining funds for capital projects necessary to maintain service within existing service areas.

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