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Water Facts

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  • 748 gallons is a unit of water (or 100 cubic feet)
  • An acre-foot of water is about 326,000 gallons
  • On average, a family of four uses 1 acre-foot of water per year
  • California receives on average of 23 inches of precipitation each year
  • Joshua Tree receives an average of 4.65 inches of precipitation each year
  • Most of California’s rain falls from October through April, and most of the water use occurs May through September
  • About 75% of the rain that falls in California falls north of Sacramento, while about 75% of the water demand (agricultural, domestic and industrial) is south of Sacramento
  • About 63% of annual rainfall and runoff is used by native vegetation, evaporates, or soaks into the ground
  • Landscaping accounts for about 33-40% of home water use, showers for about 15-18%, and toilets for about 17-20%
  • The state’s 1,400 surface water reservoirs hold about 45 million acre-feet
  • Typically, 35-40% of the state's water demand is supplied through groundwater, jumping to 50% in dry years
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